Cut-Out Photo Board Land Goats with Lisa

Show yourself!

Cut-Out Photo Boards

With a Cut-Out Photo Board you become part of an animal yourself!

A Cut-Out Photo Board contains one or more holes where you can stick  

your face through. These kind of animal portraits invite you to pose with

in order to take memorable photos of your new appearance during a day out.

A Cut-Out Photo Board can also fit perfectly in your own garden.

Illustratie Fotobord
Fotobord Landgeiten

Price overview of Cut-Out Photo Boards

Client/customer: Gemeente Breda / Petting zoo Wolfslaar, Breda (NL)

Materials: Acrylic on wood, finished with gloss varnish and satin varnish

Size: 120 x 170 cm

Characteristics: Neutral background, humorous,

detached object that functions as a large postcard

(only the front is an animal portrait)


Working time: 34 hours

Hourly rate: € 40,00 excl. 21% BTW

Price (working time x hourly rate excl. 21% BTW):

€ 1.360,00

Land Goats

Cut-Out Photo Board Land Goats (close-up
Cut-Out Photo Board Land Goats (with mod
Cut-Out Photo Board Land Goats with Goat

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global idea of the time that is spent on realizing the artwork, one of the most important factors determining the price. In fact, the following applies: the larger the size and the more

customization is required, the more time is needed to make the artwork. The prices are shown  excl. VAT, basic rate, material costs and travel or shipping costs. For an accurate price indication, specifically for your desired animal portrait on commission, it is always recommendable to      pass on your wishes via the contact form.


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