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Here you can find information and price examples about drawings and paintings on commission.

The artworks of lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel are always top quality and (hand)made with the highest care,

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Lifelike, educational and interactive animal portraits

Animals play an important role in the life of Lisanne van Brakel. According to Lisanne, an animal

can be a true guide. A common saying is that an animal is like a mirror to a human.

And when we humans train an animal, we actually train ourselves. Because an animal will always

show honestly - but without judgment - how it feels, and it is up to humans to become aware of that.

The world of animals is of course very wide, but if we look to animals in our environment, it is clear

that humans have always had a close bond formed with the animal. However animals do not speak

with words like we do, they definitely master a language which they use to communicate in

various ways. Animals are so fascinating; just the enormous variety of skins, colours, eyes, mouths,

legs, ears, sizes and sounds. All those personalities ask to be observed and portrayed!

Animals are an ancient source of inspiration to humans. But since the rise of the industrial

revolution, animals and also the collaboration between humans and animals, are pushed

into the background, mainly because animals were replaced by machines.

With her animal portraits, Lisanne wants to remind us of the beauty, spontaneity and (primal) strength

that radiate animals. But she also wants to show us how nuanced the animal language is, by

emphasis to impose on the animal's mood and also the context in which it is located. 

We humans have a major influence on the environment and welfare of the animals.

That makes Lisanne being intrigued continuously by the connection, and also the distance between

humans and animals.

As well as in her autonomous work, she strives to depict a true-to-life impression of the essence of

an animal. She creates animal portraits on commission for individuals and companies,

like (nature)museums, zoological gardens and petting zoos.

The work of lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is characterized by its various palette of

techniques and applications. This is why lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is able to catch the expression

of an animal in many ways.

An animal portrait by lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel goes beyond the 'usual' portrait.

Here are some descriptions of the animal portraits that can be made on commission.

                                             It is possible to connect animal portraits with existing objects, such as a 

                                             wall painting that merges with the paper towel at a handwashing area.

                                             In this way, the existing objects acquire a new meaning and people use

                                             their imagination to bring different contexts together.

In addition, it is possible for people to let themselves be a part of the artwork,

like a cut-out photo board with a hole where faces can be sticked through.

In this way, the human face seems to become one with the animal body,

which can cause a humorous effect. These kind of animal portraits invite

people to pose at during a day at the zoo, so they go home with some

memorable photos. A cut-out photo board can also fit perfectly in your own



                                             lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel makes drawings and paintings of animals with

                                             or without a background. These kind of animal portraits are suitable to

                                             hang on the wall and are comparable with the more 'classical' portraits,

                                             because the animal can be fully or partially represented. There is the

                                             option to choose for a serene, single-coloured background or a specific   

                                             environment or situation where the animal is in. This can be a familiar

                                             environment or a surreal situation, like the illustration on the left. And to

                                             give the animal portrait an even more personal touch, a piece of hair, a

                                             collar or another object can be incorporated into the portrait.



Animal portraits can also play an educational role. Imagine a freestanding

painting of an elephant with a 3-dimensional trunk. In the trunk people can

put their arm and fingers when they stand behind the painting, just like a

puppet show. Can you imagine how human fingers and an elephant's trunk

look alike, because they are used for the same action, namely to grab and

touch things? lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is willing to make these kind of

more experimental and mixed media artworks a reality.



                                             lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is currently working on a new type of inter-

                                             active work that is based on the 'Phenakistoscopes' (or wonder discs) of the

                                             19th century inventor Joseph Plateau. Via these wonder discs drawings can

                                             come alive when people make them move with two turntables. For the

                                             wonder discs, lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel can realize different hand drawn

                                             animal movements, behaviours and transformation processes.


                                             An interactive artwork, like the wonder disc, is mainly analogue, which

                                             means that no energy sources are involved and it can only be operated

                                             by human or (in some cases animal) actions.



lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel does also not hesitate to develop art objects

for animals to stimulate their natural behaviour. It is of course a priority that

the artwork is completely animal friendly, in terms of material, application and

the way it will be used. Together with the client or owner of the animal,

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel investigates how the artwork maintains

the safety and health of the animal and how it invites the animal to use

its natural senses and behaviour.



Price examples

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel makes animal portraits for € 30,00 per hour, exclusive VAT,

preparation costs, design sketches and material costs.

Below you can find some artworks with different sizes and techniques. Each work includes its

own price overview, so you could have an idea which option could be the best for your

artwork on request.

(Please keep in mind that these artworks are guidelines, which are meant to give you an idea about

the basic costs, like the number of hours that is spent on each work and the hourly rate excl. VAT.

For further details or specific requests, you can fill in and send the contact form, which you can find on

the contact page of this website.)

Has your enthusiasm been sparked for a beautiful animal portrait on commission?​

Don't hesitate to contact lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel on the                  

of this website and tell her about your ideas!



                                                            lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is looking forward to make

                                                        a lively, playful, challenging and imaginative animal

                                portrait for you or your company!

                                                                 Free bonus: as a token of appreciation, the first introductory

                                                                                 meeting, 'brainstorm' moment or advice consult

                                                                                 is free.

                                                                 Free quotation: a price indication that is precisely based on

                                                                                     your wishes, so you know exactly what your

                                                                                     artwork will cost, will be made after the first


Animal-Object combinations
Animals in a context
Animals exposed
Cut-Out Photo Boards
Animal portraits as a guide
Wonder Discs
Illustratie Fotobord (voorbeeld)

Show yourself!

A new animal species

Illustratie Dier-Object
Illustratie Ereportret

The honorary portrait

To wonder(disc) how it moves

The animal portrait as a guide

Illustratie Educatief Portret
Wandelen met ezels
Illustratie Wonderschijf
Lisanne is painting

Photography by Erik Franken.

Photography by Mylène van Brakel.

Price overview of artworks by lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel


Type of artwork: Drawing 'Breeze'

Used materials: Ink on paper

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Number of working hours: 10 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of working hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 300,00


This drawing

technique is called

cross hatching and

requires much


Cut-Out Photo Board Land Goats

Type of artwork: Cut-Out Photo Board / Painting 'Land Goats'

Used materials: Acrylic paint on wood, different types of

brushes, finished with gloss varnish and satin varnish

Size: 120 x 170 cm

Number of working hours: 18 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of working hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 540,00


Type of artwork: Painting 'Cats'

Used materials: Acrylic paint on canvas, different types of brushes

Size: 70 x 120 cm

Number of working hours: 25 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of working hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 750,00

Animal-Object combination Lotte

Type of artwork: Animal-Object combination 'Lotte'

Used materials: Acrylic paint on three wooden panels, different types of brushes, finished with gloss varnish and satin varnish and a paper towel holder which is attached to the painting

Size: 206 x 211 cm

Number of working hours: 80 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of working hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 2.400,00

Animal-Object combination Lotte (anamorp

This very detailed painting contains an anamorphic illusion, which means that if you stand in front of it, the painting shows - in this case - a correct anatomy of the horse. But when you step aside of it, the horse's body gets out of proportion. Because this painting is attached in the corner of the wall, the anamorphic illusion is required to make the horse's body look not flat.

Please take in mind that this painting is no wall painting.

Because this painting is made on three wooden panels, the working process took more time than when it would be painted directly on the wall.