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Here you can find information and price examples about drawings and paintings on commission.

The artworks of lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel are always top quality and made with the highest care

and passion, a great eye for detail and by hand, which makes them authentic and - especially - one of a kind!

Plus, lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel shares the working process of your requested artwork with you

without any effort or costs, so you will be always be fully informed and 100% satisfied with your artwork!

Lifelike, educational and interactive animal portraits


lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is specialized in drawing and painting animals.

As well as in her autonomous work, she strives to depict a true-to-life impression of the essence of an animal.

She creates animal portraits for individuals and companies, like (nature and history)museums,

zoological gardens, petting zoos and book publishers.

The work of lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is characterized by its various palette of

techniques and applications. This is why lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is able to catch the expression

of an animal in many ways.

There are possibilities to connect animal portraits with existing objects, such as a wall painting that

merges with the washbasins at a handwashing area. In this way, the existing objects acquire a new

meaning and people use their imagination to bring different contexts together. In addition, it is possible

for people to let themselves be a part of the artwork, like a cut-out photo board with a hole where

faces can be sticked through. These kind of artworks have a more humorous effect.

Animal portraits can also be educational. Imagine a painting of a horse head with a 3-dimensional

mouth. In the mouth people can put their fingers when they stand behind the painting, just like a

puppet show. Can you imagine how human fingers and horse lips look alike, because they are

used for the same action, namely to grab and touch things?

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is willing to make these kind of more experimental artworks

a reality.

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel does also not hesitate to dive into experiments that are required for

specific requests, as long as the subject is animal related and real animals will not be used or harmed.

For example: if a customer wishes to have an interactive artwork that can be used by

his or her pet, we will together find out how this artwork can maintain the safety and health

of the animal and how it will invite the animal to stimulate its natural senses and behaviour.

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is currently working on a new type of interactive work that is

based on the 'Phenakistoscopes' (or wonder discs) of the 19th century inventor Joseph

Plateau. Via these wonder discs drawings can come alive when people make

them move with two turntables.

For the wonder discs, lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel offers different hand drawn animal movements,

behaviours and transformation processes. Her interactive work, like the wonder disc,

is mainly analogue, which means that no energy sources are involved and can only be operated

by human or (in some cases) animal actions.


Price examples

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel makes animal portraits for € 30,00 per hour, exclusive VAT,

call-out charges and services, design sketches and material costs.

Below you can find some artworks with different sizes and techniques. Each work includes its own price overview, so you could have an idea which option could be the best for your artwork on request.

(Please keep in mind that these artworks are guidelines, which are meant to give you an idea about

the basic costs, like the number of hours that is spent on each work and the hourly rate excl. VAT.

For further details or specific requests, please contact Lisanne by email or phone, which you can find on

the contact page of this website.)

If you have a wish for a beautiful artwork on request, don't hesitate to contact Lisanne on the

                                   of this website and tell her about your ideas!

(Please note that Lisanne is not yet working on commission for foreign countries.)

Free bonus: as a token of appreciation, the first introductory meeting, 'brainstorm' moment

or advice consult is free.

Free quotation: a price indication that is precisely based on your wishes, so you know exactly

what your artwork will cost, will be made after the first meeting.  

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is looking forward to make a lively, playful, challenging and

imaginative animal portrait for you or your company!


Price overview of artworks made by lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel

Design Sketch for Side Programme TEDxBre

Type of artwork: Design sketch

Used material(s): Felt tip pen, fineliner on paper

Size: 17 x 30 cm

Number of hours worked on it: 1,5 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 45,00

Pixi illustratiewedstrijd 2019 (De Konin

Type of artwork: Illustration

Used material(s): Water colour paint, fineliner on paper

Size: 10 x 20 cm

Number of hours worked on it: 3 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 90,00


Type of artwork: Drawing

Used material(s): Ink on paper

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Number of hours worked on it: 10 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 300,00

This drawing technique is called cross hatching and requires much precision.


Type of artwork: Painting

Used material(s): Acrylic paint on canvas, different types of brushes

Size: 70 x 120 cm

Number of hours worked on it: 25 hours

Hourly rate: € 30,00 excl. VAT (VAT = 9%)

Price (number of hours x hourly rate excl. VAT):

€ 750,00