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With pleasure lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel reveals a wide range

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Lifelike, educational and interactive

animal portraits

Art practice lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel creates animal portraits on commission for

individuals and companies, like education centres about animals and nature

and other animal related organizations. These authentic animal portraits - from postcard

size to wall painting to detached object - are of the highest quality, handmade with the

greatest care and also fulfill an educational and interactive role, which stimulates the

viewer to participate in the artwork to learn more about the world of a specific animal

in a playful way.

Free consultation

Because realising an animal portrait comes with specific customization,

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel guarantees a free first introductory, brainstorm or advice

consultation in the studio or at your location within Noord-Brabant (NL). During this meeting we

zoom in on your wishes and ideas and you will also be provided with various price

proposals and implementation options. Furthermore you will receive an order confirmation

and lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel will start to create immediately!

This is how it works:






Choose a type of animal portrait from the range as shown above. Do you prefer

an Animal-Object Combination? A Cut-Out Photo Board? Or a Wonder Disc?

Find out which role the animal portrait will have to fulfill; will it be used for

educational purpose? Does the artwork have to invite the audience to interact

with it? Or is it intended to give a personal touch to your living room?

Think about the location where the animal portrait will be best shown.

Think about the measurements of the animal portrait.

Send an email with all of your wishes and ideas for an animal portrait to

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel via the contact page of this website.

Receive a reply within 2 working days with an invitation for a free consultation

within Noord-Brabant. Even if you have difficulties to imagine things in front of you,

the consultation is the moment for brainstorming together with Lisanne to obtain

clear insights. And if it is possible to let the consultation take place at your location,

Lisanne is able to investigate which possibilities the location offers for the artwork

and also to observe and possibly take some pictures of the present animal that you

would like to be portrayed. During the consultation you will be given plenty of room

to tell about your animal and to show what makes your animal such an amazing

creature. With this story and your wishes as the starting point, the order confirmation

will be composed and sent to you and after your payment is received,

your artwork is ready to go into production!




Has your enthusiasm been sparked for a lively, impressive and challenging animal portrait?


                     Don't hesitate to contact lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel via the

                     to make an appointment for a free consultation!


You can count on your message to be answered within 2 working days.

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel is looking forward to meeting you and your favourite animal

and to create a unique artwork for you, a loved one or your company!


Animals as a guide

Animals are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for humans. They represented symbols

in religion and stories and were mysterious appearances. People are able to discover

the powerful qualities animals possess, which has led to the use of animals to help humans

for decades in different ways; as a transporter, guide, producer, therapist, entertainer,

buddy etc. Until this day many animals have been domesticated or kept in captivity.

Humans have largely bent the animal world to their will, such as breeding different races

of a particular species. This leads to the animal losing its original being, in appearance

and behaviour, so that we are no longer able to recognize its purity.

With her animal portraits lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel strives to remind us of the

beauty, spontaneity, emotion and primal power that animals radiate. The animal portraits

playfully invite you to reflect on our relationship with animals and the way we view an animal.

We humans have a major influence on the welfare and the living environment of the animals.

We can still learn a lot about and from animals. Although they have a different language

from us, these universal teachers tell us a lot without words.

As long as we are open to understanding how an animal feels by watching and listening

to its body language, we work on a deeper bond with our fellow earthlings.

The connection and also the distance between humans and animals intrigue

lvb art / Lisanne van Brakel immensely.


Dier-Objectcombinaties / Animal-Object Combinations
Fotoborden / Cut-Out Photo Boards
Klassieke Dierportretten / Classical Animal Portraits
Wonderschijven / Wonder Discs
Wandelen met ezels

Photography by Mylène van Brakel.


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