A new animal species

Animal-Object Combinations (transparant)

Animal-Object Combinations are animal portraits that connect to

existing objects, like a wall painting that merges with a paper towel holder

at a hand washing area. In this way, the existing objects acquire a new

meaning and your imagination will be stimulated to bring different

contexts together.

Illustratie Dier-Object
Animal-Object Combination Lotte (close-up)

Price overview of Animal-Object Combinations

Please keep in mind that the following prices are guidelines, which are meant to give you a

global idea of the time that is spent on realizing the artwork, one of the most important factors determining the price. In fact, the following applies: the larger the size and the more

customization is required, the more time is needed to make the artwork. The prices are shown  excl. VAT, basic rate, material costs and travel or shipping costs. For an accurate price indication, specifically for your desired animal portrait on commission, it is always recommendable to      pass on your wishes via the contact form.


Animal-Object Combination Lotte

Client/customer: Gemeente Breda / Petting zoo Wolfslaar, Breda (NL)

Materials: Acrylic paint on three wooden panels, finished with gloss varnish and satin varnish and a paper towel holder which is attached to the painting

Size: 206 x 211 cm

Characteristics: Very detailed, customization, anamorphic illusion, background with colour gradient, humorous


Working time: 95 hours

Hourly rate: € 40,00 excl. 21% VAT

Price (working time x hourly rate excl. 21% VAT):          € 3.800,00

Did you know?

This very detailed painting contains an anamorphic illusion, which means that

if you stand in front of it, the painting

shows - in this case - a correct anatomy

of the horse. But when you step aside of

it, the horse's body gets out of proportion. Because this painting is attached in the corner of the wall, the anamorphic

illusion is required to make the

horse's body look not flat.

Animal-Object Combination Lotte (anamorphic illusion)


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Animal-Object Combination Lotte (with model)
Animal-Object Combination Lotte

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